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Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 31 Tips: Key Players, Fixtures, and Transfer Targets

Looking ahead to Gameweek 31 in Fantasy Premier League, we may be in for a relatively calm week before the chaos of blank gameweeks and double gameweeks resume. In this article, we will provide valuable FPL GW31 tips, including recommendations for the best player picks, fixtures to focus on, transfer targets, captain choices, differentials, odds, and team selection. Read on for expert advice to help you make the most of your FPL team in Gameweek 31.

Are you ready for Gameweek 31? If not, don't worry! We've got some tips to help you navigate this crucial stage of the season.

  1. Use Your Chips Wisely

If you're planning to use your Free Hit or Wildcard, now's the time to do it. If you're not using your Free Hit in GW32, save one free transfer so you have 2 available before the crucial blank gameweek. Use all your free transfers now if you plan to Free Hit in GW32. Wait for Rashford news, and if he's out, consider Maddison or Andreas as a replacement. Don't forget about the midweek Champions League fixtures. Keep Maddison and Toney, but sell them after they score, not after they blank.

2. Free Hit in GW32 or GW34?

It depends on your preferences and your team's current shape. We recommend using your Free Hit in a double gameweek where big teams play twice rather than in a blank gameweek where big teams do not play. Points potential for the Free Hit in GW34 is higher than it is in GW32. However, you'll have to make your own conclusion based on your team's current situation.

3. Key Players and Transfer Targets

Haaland is a great player to have or buy now if you're planning to Free Hit in GW32. Trippier is the top-scoring defender and has a fixture in the blank and 2 in the upcoming double gameweek. Arsenal attacking players are always a good addition to your team, regardless of the fixture. Watkins and Toney have good form and solid fixtures ahead, and both have matches in the blank GW32. Manchester City defending players such as Dias, Ederson, and Aké are good options for those who aim to Free Hit in GW32. Salah or Kane are captaincy options for Gameweek 31 and have fixtures in blank GW32. Salah also has a double gameweek in GW34, so he's the preferred option for managers without a wildcard or Free Hit. Transfer out one of your Brighton players if you don't Free Hit in GW32. If Rashford is out, transfer him out as well. Consider transferring out Havertz/Chelsea players if you don't Free Hit in GW32.

4. Fixtures to Target

According to bookies' odds, the fixtures to target in GW31 are Manchester City vs Leicester, Tottenham vs Bournemouth, Nottingham vs Manchester United, West Ham vs Arsenal, and Leeds vs Liverpool.

5. Differential for GW31

Grealish (Manchester City, 7m) is still owned only by 5.6% of FPL managers, offers stable points output this season, and is an excellent transfer target for managers who will Free Hit in GW32.

6. Best Captain Pick

Haaland is the obvious captain pick for Gameweek 31, but if you're looking for a differential captain, consider Kane or Salah in his fixture against Leeds.

7. Optimizing Your FPL Strategy: Using Chips in Gameweek 31

We have decided to save our free hit chip for Double Gameweek 34, which gives us an opportunity to maximize points. However, if your team is not in good shape, using the wildcard chip can be a viable option.

If you're considering using the wildcard chip in Gameweek 31, it's essential to proceed with caution. Ensure that you design your wildcard team with blank Gameweek 32 and double Gameweek 34 fixtures in mind. To help you make the most of your wildcard, we've put together a GW31 Wildcard draft that you can check out.

FPL Wildcard Team Inspiration for GW31

Additionally, if you're starting to plan your free hit squad for the blank gameweek 32, you might want to check out our first thoughts and draft for GW32 free hit team. Our carefully curated team selection will help you maximize your points in a gameweek where most teams will be inactive.

FPL Free Hit Team Inspiration for GW32

By using these chips strategically, you can significantly improve your chances of success in the FPL. Make sure to stay up to date with the latest player news and fixtures to ensure that you're making informed decisions. Happy FPL-ing!

8. Gameweek 31 FPL Team Selection

Now let’s look at our FPL team selection for Gameweek 31 – Scout squad. Haaland is our captain. If Rashford is out, Grealish would be his replacement.

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