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Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 33: Tips, Key Players, Fixtures, Captains, and Odds

Gameweek 33 in the Fantasy Premier League is just around the corner, and FPL managers have limited time to make their final transfers and team selections. With just a few gameweeks remaining in the season, FPL managers have a lot of opportunities to improve their overall rankings or rankings in their mini-leagues, thanks to the upcoming double gameweeks. In this article, we will provide you with some FPL tips, key players, potential transfer targets, fixtures to target, captain picks, and odds for Gameweek 33.

1.Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 33 Tips

The first tip for Gameweek 33 is not to miss the deadline on Tuesday. If you are not planning to free hit in GW34, save your transfer to have more flexibility before the double gameweek. However, if you plan to free hit in GW34, use your one transfer now as it cannot be carried forward. Focus on double gameweek 36 and 37 with your transfers.

2. Key Players to Own and Transfer Targets for GW33

Here are some key players you should consider owning and potential transfer targets for GW33:

Key players:

  • Haaland – your GW33 captain

  • Salah – you want him for double gameweek 34

  • Trippier – the top-scoring defender

  • TAA – You will want Salah and TAA in double GW34

  • Watkins

  • Mitoma/March – Brighton have 3 double gameweeks until the end of the season – 9 matches in 6 gameweeks – the most of all teams

  • Brighton defender

Potential transfer targets:

  • Haaland/Grealish/Manchester City defender/Ederson

  • Liverpool players – Salah, TAA, Robertson (or Jota as differential)

  • Rashford/Shaw

  • Mitoma/March/MacAlister/Estupinan

Players to transfer out:

  • Maddison

  • For those brave enough – Arsenal players (but only for the next 3 gameweeks, than bring them back)

  • Brentford defenders

3. Fixtures to Target in FPL Gameweek 33

Here are some fixtures to target in double GW33 according to bookies odds:

  • Nottingham vs Brighton: Brighton 64 % to win, 32 % to score 2.5+ goals

  • Manchester City vs Arsenal: The Citizens 61 % to win, 35 % to score 2.5+ goals

  • Chelsea vs Brentford: The Blues 56 % to win, 24 % to score 2.5+ goals

  • Aston Villa vs Fulham: Aston Villa 55 % to win, 25 % to score 2.5+ goals

4. Who is the Best Captain in GW33?

Our top captain pick for Gameweek 33 is Haaland, followed by Salah and Kane. For more information on how we select our captain every gameweek, check out our article on How to Pick the Right Captain in FPL.

Differential captains for Gameweek 33 include Mitoma and Watkins.

5. What Bookies Odds Say About Gameweek 33

Here are some bookies odds for Gameweek 33:

Clean sheet odds for GW33:

  • Brighton (41 %)

  • Chelsea (40 %)

  • Newcastle (40 %)

Goalscoring odds for GW33:

  • Haaland (52 %)

  • Watkins (38 %)

6. FPL GW33 Team selection

Now let’s look at our FPL team selection for Gameweek 33 – Scout squad. Haaland is our captain.

7.Using Chips in Gameweek 33 – Wildcard or Free Hit?

The double gameweek 34 is perfect for a free hit. However, suppose you have exhausted your free hit. In that case, you could use your wildcard now to set up your squad for Gameweek 33 and the upcoming double gameweeks 34, 36, and 37. If you plan to use your wildcard in Gameweek 33, aim to use the bench boost in Gameweek 34.

Check out our wildcard team for Gameweek 33 below:

FPL Wildcard Team Inspiration for GW33

If you're committed to using the free hit in Gameweek 34, here is our first draft:

FPL Free Hit Team Inspiration for GW34

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