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"FPL Gameweek 31 Wildcard Team: Top Inspirational Picks"

Looking for inspiration for your Fantasy Premier League team in Gameweek 31? Consider using your wildcard to strategically plan for the upcoming fixtures. At our team, we like to use the wildcard for tactical reasons, not emotional ones. This means taking advantage of fixture swings and double gameweeks.

Here are some key players and tips to consider when building your wildcard team for Gameweek 31:

  • Arsenal midfielders and attackers such as Saka, Odegaard, and Martinelli/Jesus are essential for any wildcard team. Choose at least one of these players to ensure you have the best performers from the best teams. You may also want to consider an Arsenal defender, ideally Gabriel.

  • Haaland is a must-have player for any wildcard team. He consistently performs and can earn you a lot of points.

  • Trippier is another valuable player to consider, as he is a reliable defender who can also contribute offensively.

  • Salah and a Liverpool defender are essential for both the blank GW32 and the double gameweek in GW34. Look for players who are likely to start and have a good chance of earning clean sheets and assists.

  • Watkins and an Aston Villa defender are good choices for the upcoming fixtures. They have a favorable run of games and can earn you a lot of points.

  • Andreas is an excellent choice for the double gameweek in GW34. He is a dependable defender who can also score points in attack.

  • Steele is a valuable goalkeeper to consider, as he has double gameweeks with Brighton in both GW34 and after.

  • Mitoma is another Brighton player to consider, as he has double gameweek in GW34 and after.

Here is our FPL Gameweek 31 wildcard team for inspiration:

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