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Top Goalkeepers for the First Leg of UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals in Fantasy League

Updated: Apr 11

Budget goalkeepers for Quarterfinals 1st Leg – Matchday 9:

  • Kepa (4.4m, Chelsea): can be a cheap option and get points for saves, but only a 19% chance of a clean sheet.

  • Sommer (4.5m, Bayern): likely to be the starting goalkeeper for Bayern and has a high chance of a clean sheet (they have the most clean sheets in the Champions League campaign), but may clash with Kepa if both teams qualify for the semifinals.

Mid-Priced Options for Quarterfinals 1st Leg – Matchday 9:

  • Vlachodimos (5.0m, Benfica): has a solid chance of keeping a clean sheet against Inter with a 35% probability, and could be a good option for a low-scoring match.

  • Onana (5.0m, Inter): a top-scoring goalkeeper in the game with a high number of saves, but only a 24% chance of a clean sheet.

  • Meret (5.0m, Napoli): a good fixture to target with a 32% probability of a clean sheet, but his selection depends on whether you want to double up on Napoli's defense.

Premium Goalkeepers for Quarter Final 1st Leg– Matchday 9:

  • Courtois (5.9m, Real Madrid): a top-scoring goalkeeper from last season and a good save pick, with a high chance of a clean sheet and easy fixture.

  • Ederson (6.0m, Manchester City): also a save pick, but with a tough fixture against Bayern and a less reliable defense.

Our picks:

We recommend the goalkeeper combo of Courtois + Vlahodimos for the Quarter Final 1st Leg, as they play on different days and have high clean sheet odds.

Tips for picking goalkeepers for your UCL Fantasy team:

Look for keepers with a high chance of a clean sheet and consider having two playing goalkeepers on different days.

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