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UCL Fantasy - Best Midfielders Quarter Final Leg 1

Budget Midfielders:

Florentino (Benfica, 4.6m):

· Regular starter for Benfica who recovers many balls for extra fantasy points.

· One of the few 4.6m midfielders who regularly starts.

· High points floor with at least 3 points per match in the current Champions League campaign.

· A good budget enabler with the potential to score over 4 points.

Lobotka (Napoli, 5.6m):

· A good option for balls recovered with a stable points output of 3-5 points per match.

· A differential with 0% of managers owning him.

· A good choice over in-form attacking midfielders in the 6-7m range.

Kvaratskheila (Napoli, 5.9m):

· A great choice for Napoli offensive coverage with the most goals in Seria A and the Champions League.

Mid Priced Picks:

Joao Mario (Benfica, 6.4m):

· Great fixture, in-form, and on penalties with the ability to recover a few balls for extra points.

· Benfica's defensive and attacking coverage looks promising for the Quarterfinals.

Grealish (Manchester City, 7.9m):

· The man in form among Man City players with 2G+2A in the last 2 matches.

Premium Midfielders:

Sané (Bayern, 9.3m):

· Back in Bayern's starting line up with 1G + 2A in the last 5 appearances.

· Bookmakers favor Bayern to do well in the Quarterfinals.

Vinicius (Real Madrid, 10.1m):

· In amazing form this season with 2G+3A in the last 3 appearances.

· Second top scoring player in the game and a key man for Real Madrid in the Champions League.

De Bruyne (Manchester City, 10.5m):

· The creator and key man for Manchester City midfield.

· Can deliver points in important matches.

Tips for selecting the top midfielders for your UCL Fantasy team

  • When choosing midfielders for your UCL Fantasy team, it is important to consider the following:

  • Premium midfielder as captaincy option: If you opt for a premium midfielder, ensure that he has a good chance of being a captaincy option for your team.

  • Cheap midfielders: If you are looking for cheap midfielders (less than 5.5 million), make sure they have a good track record of ball recoveries.

  • Talismans: Consider midfielders who are talismans for their respective teams. They have a better chance of being awarded the Man of the Match award.

  • Form and fixtures: Take into account the form and fixtures of the midfielders before making a decision.

  • Ensure all playing midfielders: Make sure that you have all playing midfielders in your team, and avoid selecting non-starters. You can substitute a player who does not perform well for one who is yet to play.

  • Structure of midfield: Think about the structure of your midfield. You could opt for a combination of a premium captaincy option, two talismans, a differential with good fixture, and a balls recovered hero.

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