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UCL Fantasy Quarterfinals: Tips, Captain, Picks & Team for MD9

After a break, Fantasy Champions League returns with Matchday 9. There are just 4 games to be played, but there are still plenty of good UCL fantasy options to pick from in the 1st Leg of the Quarterfinals.

Points differences in mini-leagues and in overall ranking are very tight, and the Champions League Quarterfinals might predetermine the success of your squad. The deeper we go into the tournament the harder it will be to differentiate your UCL Fantasy team from squads of your rivals.

Let’s look at our UCL Fantasy MD9 Tips for the 1st leg of the quarterfinals, where we discuss strategy, best picks, captain, odds, team selection and more.

1. UCL Fantasy Quarterfinals Tips & Strategy

Focus on teams that have a high chance of advancing to the semifinals

Just as we said before the Round of 16, think long-term. You have 5 free transfers before Matchday 9 – that looks like a lot, but in fact, it is not.

Try to assess, which teams will likely go through and bring in players from teams that have high chances of progressing to the Champions League Semifinals.

Aim to get 15 starters with your free transfers

Try to get 15 starters into your UCL Fantasy squad. Substitutions are a vital piece of success in UCL Fantasy. So, when transferring players out, prioritize transferring out players that got eliminated.

Try to get 4 active players into your bench, you will appreciate the possibility of 4 available substitutions later during the matchday 9.

And, of course, avoid -4 point hits if possible – you do not want to take unnecessary losses if you do not need to.

There are just 8 teams in the UCL Fantasy quarterfinals – so there are fewer “quality players” that are able to score 4+ points and repay the -4 point hit.

The Deeper in knock-out stages we get, the fewer points are available in the game to collect (as there are fewer players).

Pick goalkeepers who play on different days and are from different halves of the bracket

Do not pick goalkeepers from the same day – that way you cannot use your substitutions for your goalkeeper if your first goalkeeper blanks.

Similarly, if you pick goalkeepers from the same half of the bracket, they might end up playing against each other in the semifinals – blocking possible substitution, forcing you to transfer one of your goalkeepers out.

Use all free transfers

Just to remind you, we cannot carry free transfers to the next round in the elimination round of Fantasy Champions League. So use all 5 free transfers before the Matchday 9 deadline.

Do not overlook midfielders good at balls recovered

The deeper we are in the tournament, the fewer options among good attacking players we have. So, you do not need to have 5 attacking midfielders in your team now. There are just a few really good midfield options that can deliver attacking returns regularly.

Do not be afraid to bring the likes of Florentino or Lobotka, who are good at balls recovered and can deliver 3-6 points in almost every matchday – and outscore other attacking midfielders in the long run.

2. Fixtures to target in UCL Fantasy Matchday 9

Which fixtures you should target? We always use bookies’ odds to help us determine that. Let’s look at which teams have the highest chance of winning their match in the Matchday 9 and scoring a lot of goals in that game:

Real Madrid – 51 % to win the match, 21 % to score more than 2.5 goals

Manchester City – 49 % to win, 26 % to score more than 2.5 goals

Benfica – 43 % to win, 14 % to score more than 2.5 goals

Napoli – 42 % to win, 15 % to score more than 2.5 goals

3. Best players to pick in the Matchday 9

We look at key players to pick in UCL Fantasy Quarterfinals 1st leg (Matchday 9). We examine each position and each price bracket. You can check our separate articles here:

4. Best captain for UCL Fantasy Quarterfinals 1st leg

Well, regarding the captain selection, it will not be as easy in UCL Fantasy Quarterfinals, as it was in R16. In the Round of 16, we had 4 playing days and we could change captain 3 times – so our chances of nailing the captaincy were very high.

But in the 1st leg of the Quarterfinals, we have just 2 playing days. It means we can switch the captain just one time.

Haaland is the obvious captaincy option for Tuesday, so (if fit) he is our number one captain option for Matchday 9. However, if you want to try something different, Benfica goalscoring machines Joao Mario and Goncalo Ramos would be our differential captaincy picks for Tuesday.

Our backup captain for Wednesday is Karim Benzema as Real Madrid has the best fixture of Matchday 9 according to bookies odds. If you are looking for a differential backup captain, Osimhen and Vinicius are our picks.

Captaincy thresholds

There are just a few matches in the Quarterfinals, so there is a smaller range of great captaincy options. That’s why our captaincy threshold is lower than in the group stage. For Matchday 9, our captaincy threshold is 5 points.

It means, that if our Tuesday captain scores 5 points or more, we will keep the amrband on him.

Substitution threshold

Our subs threshold is 4 points. Meaning that if your players scores 4 points or more, you will not sub him off after the first day.

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