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Are you considering using your Wildcard in Gameweek 30 of Fantasy Premier League? We have created an FPL GW30 Wildcard team to use as an example! As experts in this field, we recommend only taking tactical approaches, instead of emotional ones, during fixture swings and double gameweeks.

Key players for GW30 wildcard and tips

This wildcard team planning is built to accommodate for the blank game week 32, while also providing a substantial number of double game weekers for game week 34.

  • Arsenal midfielders/attackers – Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli/Jesus – go for at least for one from those three as you want the best players from the best teams in your wildcard FPL team + potentially one Arsenal defender, ideally Gabriel.

  • Haaland if fit

  • Trippier

  • Salah and Liverpool defender for blank GW32 and for DGW34

  • Rashford

  • Watkins + Aston Villa defender for great run of fixtures

  • Andreas for double gameweek 34

  • West Ham defender for double gameweek 34

  • Steele for Brighton double gameweeks in GW34 and after that

FPL Gameweek 30 is an opportunity for players to build their team with a Wildcard activation. To help individuals assemble their teams and maximize the potential of their lineups, here's an inspirational Wildcard team that could be set up for Gameweek 30. Keep in mind, as with all Wildcard squads, this setup can be tailored to individual player preferences and budget limitations.

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